From the vault—

I don’t post personal stuff tooooo much (ha yeah right) … but this was too good to leave on my underutilized Myspace bulletin list to fade away after 10 days.

How do you know when you’ve found “the one”—your true love?

Was watching Juno tonight with the girls and my husband walked in on the mushy-mushiest part. (Mush always makes him groan; he runs and hides in the man cave when I bring home chick flicks.)

So, enjoying his tormented wretching like a good sadistic wife, I asked him if the sun shines out of my butt.

He said yeah, he gets a tan from the rays.

That was golden.

Everyone needs to have a love like this at least once in their lives—a “forever” love—the kind where you can totally see yourselves as old farts chasing each other around the nursing home with your canes and walkers or wheelchairs.

The kind where those little flaws in all of us are more adorable than annoying because they make you real.

Now, you might not find it when you want to.

You might not find it in your teens, or in your twenties. Maybe not even in your thirties. (God forbid you never find it, though. I don’t think there is anything cuter in this world than really old couples who are still twitterpated.)

You might even find it and then throw it away. But if you’re lucky—really damn lucky—you’ll find that it was never really lost at all, just … ripening.

I am THE luckiest mentally imbalanced wife evarrrrr.

—May 2008 (oMG)

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