Christmas 2015 is known by family as “the incident” and it changed many lives, although we didn’t realize the extent right away.

I’ll have to ask for help with the details of the things I missed. I wasn’t there.

Vaguely …

Stuart had inappropriate things to say about me, in front of his cousins.

Coraline told him to stop. The tension built to an explosion.

She flipped a board game. You know the one.

She left the room in tears.

Donna told her aunt Angela not to follow her, she was just being dramatic for attention.

Her aunt followed her anyway.

Angela was the first person to stick up for Coraline in Donna’s presence, perhaps.

Donna was displeased about being disobeyed.

Donna, who had taken Stuart and Coraline out of state for the holiday, left for home with Stuart.

She left Coraline in another state on Christmas Day.

Donna abandoned her granddaughter in a different state, on Christmas Day.

I got the call. I was stunned.

A plan was rapidly made to meet her aunt and uncle halfway.

We didn’t get a lot of details about what happened that day. Not right away.

Years later, we learned so much changed, instigated by one interaction between Donna and Angela, when a text message found its way to the wrong recipient and revealed so much.

So I’m going to let Coraline write what she wants to write about the incident.

I’m not revealing Angela’s secrets. She is a bonus sister.

The next post is about events one year after the incident.

Which — I have the receipts, since Donna decided to text me her thoughts.

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